Same sex couples in Costa Rica can now insure each other through CAJA

Same-sex couples in Costa Rica now Caja insured

Although Costa Rica is way behind on a few human right issues like the “in vitro” case, the CAJA has been able to make a huge change in their rules and regulations. 

On November 19, 2014, the CAJA (Social Security system in Costa Rica) has approved the proposal to reform article 10 of the Health Insurance regulation that changes the concept of partnership. With this change, same sex couples are included in the same conditions in medical services that heterosexual partners have.

This change is a huge advantage to same sex couples who plan to move to Costa Rica or are already living here. By Costarican immigration law, every foreigner who wants to be a Costa Rica resident needs to be registered at the CAJA showing his/her own income and each has to make the monthly CAJA payment. Once this change is fully approved, not having to pay CAJA for two constitutes a huge saving.

How Ticonuevo got his Dimex residency card in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Dimex Residency CardOur “moving-to-Costa-Rica” travails are pretty much behind us. Our recent focus has been getting our DIMEX residency cards (cedulas de residencias) making us official full-time retired residents of Costa Rica. It was the biggest item and the one that has also taken the longest, has just been completed.

It has taken far longer than we planned to make this a reality. Since I covered some of this more than a year ago, I’ll recap the “before” and “during” highlights for you here.

We were referred to an immigration lawyer and had our first appointment to see her the day after we arrived at the end of February 2013. Our lawyer presented all of the required apostiled documents and copies of other docs shortly thereafter to Costa Rican immigration and we were approved for the process of being granted “pensionado” residency status, being given an in-process letter and number in May 2013.