Cost of living

Should I stay or should I leave Costa Rica for a lower cost of living?

Should I stay or should I leave Costa Rica for a lower cost of living?Many of you know that the cost of living in Costa Rica has gone up a lot in the past few years. One of the reasons is that The Costarican government decided to stop with the mini-devaluations in 2006 and move over to a system of exchange rate bands that has kept the Colon on the same value since then.

Exporters are suffering with the bad exchange rate but more and more companies for the US and other parts of the world are still getting installed in Costa Rica, even though the social security system in Costa Rica is expensive and adds onto the labor cost and operating cost of a business.

Procomer, the Costarican entity for commerce promotion, publishes that Costa Rica has 4.6 million people, with 4,600 products exported to 150 countries. In 2014, we exported $11,304 billion in goods, $6,341 billion in services by 2441 exporting companies. It is also true that quite a few Costarican industries have moved to Nicaragua because labor is cheaper there.

Is it true that everything is Costa Rica is more expensive than elsewhere? Why are foreign industries moving to Costa Rica and local Industries moving elsewhere? Is life for a retiree or expat better elsewhere? Should you stay or leave Costa Rica and go back where you came from?

What NOT to pack when you move to Costa Rica

What NOT to pack when you move to Costa RicaThe title of this blog should probably should have been “Honey, did you forget to pack my dill pickles?” You probably know where I’m going...

You could pack half a supermarket when you move to Costa Rica, plus the hardware store. You remember the TV series MacGyver?

Well, in Costa Rica, they call everything that is makeshift a MacGyver. And your first year of living in Costa Rica will be one big MacGyver. You can leave that garage full of stuff that you might need one day or not behind. It is expensive to pay a moving company to move all that unnecesary stuff to Costa Rica while you can buy similar products here.

You will be surprised how much of the stuff you think you need that you really don’t.