Yoga in Costa Rica in Harmony with Horses

by guest blogger Corinne Aulakh

Joga and horseriding in Costa Rica

A week-long retreat, all inclusive adventure that explores the union between rider and horse.

I am often asked, with a lot of skepticism, why yoga and horses? Where is the connection?  My standard answer is; I have experienced the similarities between riding and a yoga practice.  The same stillness and union I find in my yoga practice I feel when I ride.

Before I ask anything from my equine partner I center my self, physically and mentally.  I need to be in a calm place where I can be sensitive to my partner’s actions and be receptive to his communication with me.

Riding is a continuous 2-way dialogue between me and my horse.  When I practice yoga meditation or yoga postures (asanas) I also cultivate a sense of quietness.  I move in and out of postures with a gentle breath and a calm mind.  This translates into a feeling of being centered, the same feeling I have when I ride.Yoga in Escazu

I am passionate about riding and yoga because they have given me a freedom of movement I thought I was destined to lose. I have rheumatoid arthritis and my strength and range of movement have been compromised over time.

A daily yoga practice has strengthened my muscles and joints and increased my overall health.

Riding has enabled me to still enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica’s natural abundance. I can no longer hike but with my horse I can still enjoy the hills of Escazu with a partner who delights as much as I do in our early morning jaunts. 

In my mind yoga and horses are the perfect combination. Both develop strength in body and mind. Both invite us to develop inner awareness. Both are really fun to do!

  Yoga rider and horse in Costa Rica      Yoga rider in Costa Rica

I invite you to our Costa Rica equestrian Yoga course


I have teamed up to offer Yoga in Costa Rica in Harmony with Horses with the owner of Magellan Inn in Cahuita and co-founder of Kindred Spirits, Equestrian Retreats to offer this unique retreat. 

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For more information on Yoga in Costa Rica in harmony with Horses, please go to Kindred Spirits, Equestrian Retreat's Costa Rica Yoga in Harmony Retreatwebsite and to the itinerary page.

Yoga in Harmony Retreat with Horses 7 Days

Scheduled Dates 2013:
August 10 -17
September 14-21
October 5-12th
$2200 per person

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